Course Description

Welcome to My First Podcast!

🤔 Have you thought A LOT about creating your own Podcast?

😎 If you're like me you probably did a cheeky Google search, or even went to YouTube to find out how to start one, right?

😭 aaaaand I'll bet you found twelve million blogs, articles, videos all preaching super spammy, creepy and confusing sales pitches to buy their fancy thing to help you Podcast BETTER.

😱 And it got overwhelming.

It felt like way too much work to bother looking into more so you closed the tab (hey, we're entrepreneura, we have hundreds of tabs open!) but still you have this nagging thought: I want to have my own Podcast.

Well darling one, here it is: The NO BULL 6 week group program to get your Podcast sorted. Over 6 weeks, we:

  • Get your Podcast CLEAR and FOCUSED
  • Map out your style, including guest interview ideas, and a show format!
  • Hack the technology so it's EASY and DOABLE for you and won't cost you the bank!
  • Get systems in place to support your Podcast and it's growth!
  • Record your first episode, and have it edited and ready to publish ....

All of these sexy outcomes, are supported by two key pillars I fully believe in to craft a beautiful, business supporting Podcast: Keep it lean, and keep it soulful. The best Podcasts come from the heart, and this program is designed to harness that part of you without the spammy tactics, or confusing you. This is the program to do if you're ready to jump in, get your hands dirty and make your Podcast happen!

As part of the program, of course we have a private Facebook Group, and also live weekly calls. For this round, those calls will be on a Wednesday night, at 8.30PM AEST. We kick off Monday, July 17th and our first live call will be Wednesday July 19th.

If you're ready to make this happen in your biz, let's do it soulfully, together!

Ashleigh Rae

Hey Gorgeous! It's nice to meet you here and welcome to Soul School!I am a huge believer in cultivating a beautiful mind, body and spirit and that is exactly what Soul School is for - its about having the space and place to grow and relax, do some deep work on yourself and enjoy it simultaneously. Meditations are to me, the way forward - and so much fun and enriching and I have been indulging my love for them since I qualified as a Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner in 2016 (but let's be honest, we've been having a love affair since I was 7 years old) I love that with meditation, there are no limits to what you can achieve - you can heal, transform, enlighten, enjoy, play and release and so, so much more and it is such a wonderfully effective way to grow a beautiful mindset for wherever you are in life - in your biz, at work, education, for your spiritual growth - meditation is just so darn versatile!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here Gorgeous!

    • Orientation Audio

  • 2

    Week One: My Ideas, Intentions and Inspo

    • Intentions, Why, and Inspo!

  • 3

    Week Two: My First Episode

    • Your First Episode!

  • 4

    Week Three: Audacity, Theme Music and Recording Equipment on a Shoe String

    • Recording on a Shoe String